Last week suddenly green lacewings were abundant on trailsides and in overgrown waste-grounds towards evening. They are very skittish, and I had to step very carefully to even get a look, let alone take a decent picture. The following sequence is really only half-decent pictures – the focus never came quite right – but I like it.

Lacewing at sunset (3), very blurry

Lacewing at sunset (2), slightly blurry

Lacewing at sunset (3), very blurry

After that it took off. From the Wikipedia article I learn that they are sensitive to sounds and vibrations – being possessed of tympanal organs at the bases of their wings – enough so to be able to tell they’re being echolocated by a bat. So I don’t feel quite so clumsy. Vibrations, it turns out, are how they communicate; Charles S. Henry of the University of Connecticut’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology has a  page of lacewing songs. In fact many of the species are only distinguishable through having different songs.


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