State Street Bats

It was a busy Sunday afternoon on State Street here in Madison – flocks of new students and parents, drummers and jugglers on Library Mall, people sitting out on patios – and I was more than a little surprised to see a bat hanging from a brick wall, just a little over head height, evidently fast asleep:
State Street Bats!
You’ll notice I didn’t get the camera too close. A co-worker and his family are currently going through the series of rabies vaccinations. I’m told it’s not the same intra-abdominal nastiness I recall reading about in the Canadian Children’s Annual at an impressionable age, but why tempt fate? (Incidentally, the Canadian Children’s Annual, over the years, also contained people losing their ears in snowbanks due to foolishly not wearing a toque in Alberta in February, some very creepy wasp-like aliens, and a metal vampire that hunts you for the iron in your blood. I wonder what they were thinking, sometimes…)


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