After rain

A day off, but low energy; so instead of venturing farther afield I rode to the Arboretum. It was not much of a day for insects or for amphibians, but a fine one for our fellow opisthokonts, the fungi. In Gallistel Woods there was a fallen log with a sprinkling of puffballs (Lycoperdon sp.):
Puffballs (Lycoperdon sp.), Gallistel Woods
A yellow and orange shelf fungus (probably Laetiporus), with attendant centipede:
Yellow shelf fungus (Laetiporus sp.), Gallistel Woods
and a little conk (Ganoderma):
Conk (Ganoderma sp.), Gallistel Woods
As accompanying music, naturally, Robert Rich – a great mushroom-lover – here in collaboration with Alio Die, on a piece appropriately called “Mycelia”:


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