I heard the spring wind whisper

The spring equinox has come and gone, but it is still wintry – the temperature barely crept above freezing today, though it felt warmer in the sun. Piles of dirty snow are still lurking everywhere, and ice still festoons some tree-branches together with signs of life:
Ice and new growth, Starkweather Creek
Underneath the stones, a thin layer of ice still sits on top of the soil, but woodlice, beetles, and little spiders are venturing out upon it:
Wood-louse, Starkweather Creek
Beetle, Starkweather Creek
And best of all, new leaves are coming up through the leaf-litter:
Leaf, Starkweather Creek
There will be violets within a few weeks. Time to go farther afield and look for spring ephemerals!


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