Last weekend, Quest for Spring Ephemerals continued, and yielded some great results. In Wingra Woods at the Arboretum, there was bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis):
Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), UW Arboretum, 5/3/14
and cutleaf toothwort (Cardamine concatenata), just starting to bloom:
Cutleaf toothwort (Cardamine concatenata), UW Arboretum, 5/3/14
and one trout-lily (Erythronium):
Trout-lily (Erythronium sp.), UW Arboretum, 5/3/14
Being ephemeral, they are taking advantage of the sunlight available before the trees above them take leaf. Branches were still mostly bare, and even these flowers appeared scattered and infrequent. There were enough, though, for foraging bees to accumulate a good load of pollen:
UW Arboretum, 5/3/14
Apologies for the quality of the picture above; it was as far as I could lean out over a boardwalk railing without either startling the bee or pitching myself headfirst into the cattails. It also illustrates a frequent problem; when I was looking at the scene, my eye had no problem finding the moving insect at once, but on inspecting the picture at home, it was a game of “Where’s The Damn Bee?”.

Chorus frogs were distinctly audible, though, as ever, impossible to see. I was trying, in my head, to find a way to describe the sound that doesn’t fall back on “running your fingernail along a comb” when I remembered I had a new phone that could capture audio; and in fact the quality of the recording turned out to be decent:

Frogs singing, bloodroot blooming; I think we have moved from spring-like weather into the foothills of actual spring.


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