Like a moth that tries to enter the bright eye

It’s National Moth Week! I haven’t made any nocturnal outings in search of moths, because twilight is when the mosquitoes are starting to get really dire. At home I’ve stayed home in the AC, and over my 3 day bike camping trip (on which more anon), I zipped myself into my tent at nightfall and more or less passed out.

Daylight excursions have, however, brought me face-to-face with some day-walking moths, which do exist. At Wyalusing State Park, by the banks of the Mississippi, I saw this vivid black and yellow lichen moth (Lycomorpha pholus):
Black and yellow lichen moth (Lycomorpha pholus), Wyalusing State Park
and no more than a hundred feet from Lake Michigan, at the South Shore Cultural Centre Nature Preserve in the heart of Chicago, was this ailanthus webworm moth (Atteva aurea):
Ailanthus webworm moth (Atteva aurea),  South Shore Nature Preserve,  Chicago
… which until I found it in a field-guide, I didn’t realize was a moth at all!


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